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CD & DVD Design & Duplication

Branded CDs and DVDs are useful for a number of people:

  • Musicians producing a demo disc
  • Marketing and Sales teams sending out a promotional disc
  • Software companies distributing products and demos
  • Instructors and trainers with educational material on disc

The biggest problem for all four groups is that in order to make orders of high quality discs economically viable, most duplication companies require clients to commit to a minimum of at least 1,000 units (often many more.)

Bristol-based Short-Run stepped into this obvious gap in the market and have built up an impressive reputation for economical short runs while maintaining extremely high standards and fast turnaround times.

Thinctanc have now partnered with Short-Run to offer custom design services to Short-Run clients who are in need of assistance with artwork and design.

To find out more fill out the contact form, email or call +44 (0)7704 674 196.