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The Design Process

The Designer's Eye

The designer's eye, their ability to align and gauge visual elements unaided and to instinctively know what works aesthetically is crucial. But in the realm of client design work, the designer's eye is far from the beginning of the process. It all begins with the ear...

Designer's Ear

Designer's Ear icon

The key skill to ensuring that the brief is met and a correct solution delivered on time, first time is to listen carefully to the client.

The initial consultation is all about the ear. Only once a designer fully understands the particular need presented, in the context of the company's ongoing marketing strategy and business aims, are they able to properly think through the right solution.

Designer's Mind

Designer's Mind icon

Once the designer has absorbed all they can from the client then its the turn of the grey matter. This is where the most crucial part of the actual final production begins.

The initial concepts are the key foundations to encapsulating a concise message into visual communication.

Designer's Eyes And Hands

Designer's Eyes and hands icon

Now the famed eye finally comes into play. Once the designer has distilled the core concepts into a set of visual building blocks then the project begins to take life on the screen.


Designer's Mouth

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Any design project that is successful will be one that takes the form of a regular dialogue. At key milestones throughout the project the progress of the design solution is presented back to client.

This not only serves as a forum for the designer to seek precise steering on the project's direction, but this valuable interaction can also form seeds of entire new concepts to investigate. The client, after all, knows their business best and is a welcome contributor to the creative process.

Once the client is happy with the solution offered then final sign off can commence and the designer will deliver the solution ready to be uploaded to the web or run off at the printing press.

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