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Ghost Design Service

Many companies offering web services attract and retain customers by ensuring that all work is handled in-house and rely upon the strength of this offering as a unique selling point.

Increasingly, clients of web services are demanding design and creative solutions as part of their web package. This leaves the service provider in the difficult position of diluting their service strength by out-sourcing or taking a financial hit by hiring a designer.

Thinctanc offer a ghost design service where the service provider can keep everything 'in-house' without having to pay out on a designer's salary.

Benefits of this service:

  • The client still deals with a single company
  • The client still pays a single bill to the service provider only
  • The client can phone and talk to the designer or email them via a forwarding email address with the providers domain
  • The designer can attend any meetings
  • Benefit from a professional designer with many years experience within an IT environment
  • Inbuilt project flexibility to cover for unexpected scope shift
  • Use the ghost service regularly enough and benefit from reduced rates

To discuss how the ghost design service could enhance your business, fill out the contact form, email or call +44 (0)7704 674 196.