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The very nature of the web, it being virtual, can be both a blessing and a curse to anyone conducting business over the internet.

On the plus side, it enables any organisation to carefully decide exactly how to present their company online. A website can be tailored to look entirely how any group decides they should be perceived.

The downside to this is that any website at all can now look professional and 'corporate' and so a certain level of skepticism is inevitable when people visit a business website.

But seeing is believing.

The most effective antidote to this mistrust is to ensure that you show the reality of your business in a very tangible way on your website. However refined and crafted your written message, however engaging and persuasive your company flash demo, people want to see your business as it really is.

But dark, blurred or just badly-composed photos taken on a pocket digital camera will only make your site look like a page on Myspace or Facebook, rather than a professional organisation.

Corporate photography can serve to show the reality of the company behind the website and depict the organisation in a manner that properly reflects the professional quality of the service offered by the company.

Corporate photography can include:

  • Facilties shoots - images of the company premises, both internal and external
  • Board and staff portraits - People always feel more confident when they can put a face to a name.
  • 'Coalface' photography - photos of key workers engaged in operational activity to demonstrate a company doing what it does best.
  • Event photography - don't let the buzz of that product launch fade into history. Capture it so you can show future prospects your company milestones.

To discuss your own photography requirements or ideas, fill out the contact form, email or call +44 (0)7704 674 196