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Whether looking for a photographer to capture the moment at an event or simply to show your offices and staff in their best light, a photographer that can put people at their ease and achieve the perfect shot while remaining unobtrusive is all important. Click on the links to the left to learn more.

Or if you are just looking for large-scale art photography for your office or home then feel free to browse the Thinctanc photo galleries below.

To discuss any photographic projects further, fill out the contact form, email or call +44 (0)7704 674 196.

Dungeness: Death & Life

Dungeness: Death & Life photography preview

As the new sun casts a first glance across the sea, a lone pregnant female walks among the carcasses of old fishing boats, rotting on the shore. In this solemn landscape, she thinks about the vessels that will never go out again... and those that never came back.

Light & Shade

Light & Shade photography preview

Dark Depths and radiant light.

Sun, Sky & Seasons

Sun, Sky & Seasons photography preview

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Into The Woods

Into The Woods photography

Once upon a time... a series of woodland photos with a fairytale feel.

The Shore

Shore and beach photography preview

Where land meets sea.


Femme, fleeting glimpses of femininity photography preview

Fleeting glimpses of femininity.


Nature photography preview

Flora and Fauna.


Mediterranean photography preview

Photographs from Italy and Tunisia.

A Day In Drinks

A Day In Drinks photography preview

Morning, midday, afternoon, evening, night and morning again.

Urban & City

Urban & City photography preview

From the inner city to Suburbia.

A Girl, A Beach

woman on beach photography preview

Solitary female on the shore.

Sun-Drenched Lace

Sun-Drenched Lace photography preview

Female in white lace illuminated by the early morning sun. Elegant and timeless.

Old Cornwall

Old Cornwall photography preview

Views from an age past.


Miscellaneous photography preview

Various uncategorised work.