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Marketing Introduction

It used to be the case in the early days of the internet that to attract visitors to your website all you had to do was tell people that you had a website. Your email would probably look more like your telephone number and you would possibly only know one or two other people on earth with access to electronic mail, but once they heard you had a site on the world wide web then they would be heading there immediately and emailing both the people they knew to tell them to head your way too.

Today, large commercial organisations have invaded the internet and turned it into an advertising battleground with countless marketing messages vying to be heard above the din.

But for many companies looking to compete on the world wide web the launch of a website marks the beginning and end of the online strategy. The company website sits gathering dusty pixels in the hope that some businessman who perfectly matches their target market might take a wrong turn on the superhighway and stumble into the business’s virtual reception.

The unfortunate prospect facing any organisation looking to step beyond the company website is that there are countless snake oil merchants making empty promises to double their web traffic or secure some golden position in the search results of that daddy of all web traffic,

With the web being such a vast, global network, launching any form of campaign can be daunting and feel much like dropping a few spots of ink into the Atlantic and expecting someone to notice them.

This paralyses many organisations into complete inaction.

The Thinctanc approach is not to hide wizard-like behind the curtain and pretend to be some secret initiate into the black arts of web marketing. The thinctanc method involves removing the veil of internet mystery and educating the client as to how the search industry functions. You know your business better than anyone else and so are best placed to implement a successful and effective campaign.

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