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SEO and Marketing Services

The Thinctanc web strategy service seeks to remove all the 'behind the curtain' mysticism that has arisen around SEO and web marketing.

The client pays for half a day's consultancy and in return recieves a report detailing all they need to know about SEO and web marketing.

For many organisations this report will be enough to enable them to take control of their online presence and manage their web messaging and strategies entrely indepentently. And that is fine, that's the idea.

For any company that seeks additional assistance with any area either through lack of technical skil,l or simply lack of available free resource, then the following additional services are offered:

Web presence analysis
This involves full analysis of your current site and the production of a report detailing how the following are enhancing or hindering your web presence:

  • Current sources of web traffic to your site
  • The content on your site
  • The technical architecture of your site
  • The current maintanance processes and procedures
  • The synchronisation with your offline marketing

Technical optimisation
Based upon the findings of the analysis, specific advice and assitance can be offered in template and copy optimisation and advice on improving the technical workflow.

Strategy assistance
Where needed, help with message refinement and initiation of campaign concepts can be provided.

Alongside SEO and marketing assitance, the traditional service of web design and animation can greatly enhance a web strategy.

Website MOT
As any effective strategy is an ongoing process. The website MOT is a quarterly/biannual meeting to review the achievements of the previous period and plot the strategy for the future.

To discuss these solutions further and find out how to enhance your online strategy, fill out the contact form, email or call +44 (0)7704 674 196.