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What is SEO?

Google functions in much the same way as a train spotter. You know them, the chaps you see with the cameras and little notebooks, stood at the end of the station platform and taking note of all the numbers of the trains that pass through.

If you want to know the number for the 6:50 to Paddington then these are the guys to ask. But if you want to know if there was a buffet car onboard or if the train has bike and wheelchair space then you will just receive shrugs and puzzled looks. Train spotters do not take extensive notes on the whole train, they simply grab the snippet of information that interests them.

Google behaves in exactly the same way. Google is a website spotter. It roams idly about the internet, scribbling down small snippets of ‘interesting’ information from each site as it passes. All these snippets from each website are stored in a huge index on Google’s servers.

When you perform a search with Google, it is not actually the web that you are searching, it is this index. When deciding how relevant each website is for a search term entered, Google will compare the search term against the snippets from each website that it has jotted down in its index.

However informative you may think your website is, if Google decides to capture the wrong snippet from your content then the chance of your site appearing in relevant web searches is greatly diminished

Search Engine Optimisation is simply the process of rewriting the code and content of a website to ensure that search engines such as Google will read and index a site’s content in such a way that the keywords and categories that are important to your business are the snippets of information that will be taken note of in Google’s index.

Search Engine Optimisation, in itself, is not a web strategy. It is an essential part of any company’s web presence, but it is a basic foundation of your web activity rather than any targeted campaign. With so many organisations spending significant resources on their website strategy, SEO doesn’t put you ahead of the game, it simply puts you in the game.

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